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MENTIA premieres

May 2017


The dance documentary by Carolien van Maaswaal, 3rd year documentary directing student at the Netherlands Film Academy had its premiere at the Netherlands Film Academy in May 2017. The film focuses on the routine of a cleaning lady in a hotel room, a space full of memories and their erasure in time. A collaboration between NFA, SNDO & CvA. Soon in festivals around!
For more info: Mentia
The Idle Wish

April 2017


Together with Marc Oliveras Casas, student at MTD (Modern Theaterdans) of AHK, THE IDLE WISH was presented during the NOTBUSY - SNDO3 Festival in Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam. 
An intimate performance with multiple narratives, a variety of forms and certain surprises. 
Look here for more details: The Idle Wish

November 2016


BETWEEN FOUR WALLS is the working title of the upcoming documentary by Carolien van Maaswaal, 3rd year documentary directing student at the Netherlands Film Academy. The film focuses on the routine of a cleaning lady in a hotel room, a space full of memories and their erasure in time. Inside the documentary there will be a dancing scene that I choreographed together with Yoko Ono Haveman, Pascal Geraldson and Lisa Hennig-Olsen
At the moment the movie is in post-production. We are excited to see the results! Take a look at the set photos here: Set Photos
The Container

November 2016


The Container premieres on the 17th of November in the context of AtTheEndOfTheDay SNDO3 Festival!
With great excitement we will be presenting this collaborative project! We hope you can join us! A co-production of SNDO, Scenography AHK, Master of Live Electronics AHK, Modern Theater Dans AHK, ArtEZ Dance and with the support of the Interfaculty Grant AHK
For more info: The Container
Insert - Hexenschuss
INSERT for Hexenschuss

October 2016


Hexenschuss is releasing their new album Gobbledegookand in March 2017 and for their first single INSERT they created a unique and awkward universe.
"An unexplained force causes a young man, trapped in his house to twitch into dance. This calling leads him deep into the woods, for an unexpected encounter". 
Watch it here: INSERT
i | 0
i | 0
October  2016


A collaboration of and on intersections between students of the Academy of Theater and Dance. Andreas Hannes (SNDO3), Louis Siegert (MTD2), performed for Adrian Linz (Director's department 2) who collaborates with visual artist Chataine Moekardanoe (Artez). Gibbs, textiles and bodies touch in this performative installation. 24th & 25th of October 2016, Danstheater, Academy of Theater & Dance, Amsterdam
The Container - Workshops

July - September  2016


In the light of an upcoming production for SNDO, I am developing a practice connected to questions of virtuosity and co-existing forces. Small workshops will take place in different countries during summer. The production will premiere in November 2016 in Amsterdam. For more info: THE CONTAINER
SOL♯ // LA♭ - Andreas Hannes
SOL♯ // LA♭

April  2016


The sound of sol# is exactly the same as la♭. This new performance is oscillating between dance theater and musical principles and notions. Premiered in Amsterdam under the SNDO2 Festival 2016. 
For more details about the project: Sol♯ // La♭
GIFing it up
.GIFing it up

April & June 2016


A collaboration between producers and reproducers, with the initiation of Charlie Laban Trier, this performance moves around the function of .gif, among other things. An algorythm presented for live and onlin audiences. Premiered in Amsterdam under the SNDO2 Festival 2016 and continued to Frascati Theater during 'My Gracious Gardens', an evening hosted by Pavlos Marios Ktoridis. Take a look here for more: .GIFing it up
Heterotopia - Andreas Hanne
HETEROTOPIA another view

November 2015 &  January 2016


Two women in a place, moving to another. The view changes from the feet to the hair, to the contact, to the absence.
HETEROTOPIA is a research on the potential of perspectives, the eye’s movement and focus. 
After its firt presentation in February 2015, this performative installation was once again presented for small audiences on the 13th of November 2015 and on the 16th of January 2016 with multiple performances per day.
For more details on the project: HETEROTOPIA
I remember your told me the jellyfish are not dead they just look dead

Ocotber  2015

A new video dance piece with the participation of over 30 performers is on the way to the big screen. I REMEMBER YOU TOLD ME "THE JELLYFISH ARE NOT DEAD. THEY JUST LOOK DEAD" is a short video on the theme of evolution and transitions. From death to mourning to re-birth. From pleasure to pain and back. In festivals coming soon. For now, take a look at the teaser for some short impressions here: Teaser
Stand Up Drama - Andreas Hanes
STAND UP DRAMA in Amsterdam

September 2015

"This is not a stand-up. I repeat. This is not a stand-up. 
It's time for sorrow indeed."
Stand-Up Drama is a performance full of drama in the format of stand-up comedy. For the first time it will be presented on the 23rd of September 2015 in OT301 under the performance project "Highs & Lows" by 4bid Gallery
For more information take a look here: STAND UP DRAMA
Panegyric - Andreas Hannes
PANEGYRIC Premiere at the SNDO 1 Festival

June 2015

Closing the first year at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development), PANEGYRIC, a 10 min choreography will be presented during the Festival "Chorale for the Missing Keeper".
The festival consists of works by all the 10 students of the year. 
June 18th - 20th at the Theaterschool.
Free tickets can already be reserved here: Chorale for the Missing Keeper
For more information take a look here: PANEGYRIC

June 2015

After a successful premiere at DASARTS on the 14th of June 2015,
INNOC€NT by Astrit Ismaili, performed by Andreas Hannes, Antonia Steffens and Jose Manuel Portas Bulpe, will be presented in SPIELART Festival in Munich on the 5th and 6th of November 2015. For more info on the performance take a look here: INNOC€NT
Tracing Hidden Collectivity

March  & April 2015

Choreographer Burkhard Körner, after travelling to Japan, Bali and Java and observing social choreographies, came together with composer and pianist Duri Collenberg, performers Antonia Steffens and Andreas Hannes and pianist Tijmen van Tol, to trace hidden collectivity at the crossroads between composition, music, dance, and choreography. Premiered in Het Veem Theater on the 26th of March 2015, this performance will also be shown on the 28th of April at the Uferstudios in Berlin, during the festival of the exchange meeting between HZT and SNDO, but also during the Composer's Festival Amsterdam (CvA), 21st - 24th of May 2015. For more information take a look here: Tracing
Heterotopia - Andreas Hannes
HETEROTOPIA: work in progress

February 2015

Heterotopia is a performative installation about perspectives, intimacy and places, that is made for small audiences and aiming to be presented in galleries and small theaters. The first presentation as work in progress took place on the 20th of February, during the 24hrs marathon event of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.  
For more info: Heterotopia

June 2014

The second step of the project ABYSSES by LMN Liminale Räume took place in Leipzig in June 2014 with performances in Skulpturengarten im Buddehaus and Laden auf Zeit. In collaboration with Evoè!teatro and Small House Productions, this residency brought 13 Artists from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Russia and Poland to work 10 days under the artistic direction of Nadja Grasselli and  experiment around a performative format: from the interation and clash between Music / Performance / Video. A travelling performance, collecting always new stories, constanlty in change.
For more info: Abysses
Unblocked project

May 2014

In the Unblocked exhibition, the choreographer and movement researcher Edan Gorlicki and cross-media artist Francesca Bardaro, explore the relationship between physicality and personality, each from their own discipline. For one month they worked in collaboration with 12 participants, one of which was Andreas Hannes. The goal was to explore each participant’s authentic movement language in relation to his/her personal life and translate his/her journey into an interactive installation. The exhibition was spread out in 6 different locations in the city center of Groningen. For more info: Unblocked Project
WONDEROUS STORIES : from Isolation to Revelation |  Production days

April  2014

Small House Productions has just released a short promo video from the Production days of the media & performance art project "Wonderous Stories: form Isolation to Revelation" that took place in Ommen, the Netherlands in March-April 2013. 
From brainstorming to rehearsals and try-outs, you can get a glimpse of how the participants created the final performance of the project that was presented in Amsterdam in April 2013 at the Muiderpoort theater. 
The video of the performance, along with the documentary of the project will be released soon! For more info: Wonderous Stories
SNDO School for New Dance Development: Admission

March - April 2014

I am delighted to announce that I have been accepted to attend the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) of the Amsterdam School for the Arts, starting from September 2014. After attending the Intensive Course of the school, it became clear to me that SNDO is a place where my artistic development could continue. The encounter with so many artists from all over the world and the atmosphere that the jury decided to conduct the admission auditions (April 3-5) was an enriching experience. I am grateful for the journey I have experienced so far in SNDO and I am looking forward to what comes next. For more information about the school: SNDO
EI-LANDS: in Łódź & Pabianice, Poland

March 2014

The members of LMN Liminale Räume arrived in Poland for one more addition to the - experimental and developing on the move - performance of Ei-lands. With a few challenges ahead of us: new spaces, new audiences and the evolving structure of the performance, we are excited and looking forward to see how things will turn out! Performances are on the 12th and 13th of March 2014 in Carnival-Łódź Przestrzeń (Łódź) and MOK (Pabianice). For more information look here: Ei-lands on the road

April 2014

Ei-lands is a performative experiment that is developing while it's being performed in many different places. Ei-lands is about closed systems, but not only. 
It all started with an Obsession. And this is a short teaser for what happens after all in this project.
A performative experiment conducted by Nadja Grasselli, with Islanders Leo Cortana, Andreas Hannes and Zuzanna Jarmakowska.
A liminal production by LMN Liminale Räume.
Generation Y
GENERATION Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia

February 2014

Generation Y is about us.
"We consume fast food with frightening regularity yet also create Pinterest-worthy organic meals. We dress in €300 jeans or shop at thrift shops, or both. Some of us are addicted to social media while others are deleting their Facebook accounts. We are procrastinators and overachievers, politically active and apathetic, and watch both the best and worst television in generations.......We have been called the generation going no-where, generation frustration, the sleepless generation, yuppies, hippies, the death of the middle class and so on. But how much of it is it fake and how much is it real? What does our generation actually want and how do we want to tell it?"
A Small House Productions international media exchange.
EI-LANDS: in  Trento, Italy

January 2014

Ei-lands is a performative experiment about islands, eggs, personal pronouns and liminal / border spaces. Based on LMN's Nadja Grasselli's research about political systems, focusing especially on the presence of totalitarian elements in nowadays society, this performance is evolving on the road and is still work in progress. Ei-lands will be performed on the 30th of January at Bookique, Trento. 
A performative experiment conducted by Nadja Grasselli, with Islanders Leo Cortana, Andreas Hannes and Zuzanna Jarmakowska.
A liminal production by LMN Liminale Räume.
Fabric of Time
Firestarter Network
The PUBlic Collective
Fabric of Time
FABRIC OF TIME: Wins a VAF award!

December 2013


Fabric of Time received a VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund) Wildcard Award in the category of Film Lab!
"Fabric of Time takes us to 1980s Hungary through sound recordings, photographs and performative re-enactments of childhood. By means of a three-layered structure, the cinematic experiment implicitly talks about the author’s point of view on his family’s history and domestic conflict, while constructing memories for the years purposefully forgotten."
Congratulations to Miki Ambrozy and everyone who was involved in the film! For more information about the film: Fabric of Time


December 2013


The experimental dance video "Aution" was screened on the 15th of December 2013 at the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, under the section of "Dance cinema from the Netherlands".
After the screening there was a Q&A during which the Artistic Producer of Small House Productions, Elena Tudorache,  was present to answer questions!
We are looking forward to more occassions like this!
For more information about Aution and the festival you can find here: Aution @ BIEFF
EI-LANDS: What are you taking with you on your island without wifi?

December 2013


This project is born from a joke and got to a serious intent.

Ei-lands is a study about human nature, about social relationships and about political systems. It is about questions. Questions about situations, wishes, possibilities, systems.

The artistic director of LMN Liminale Räume Nadja Grasselli made a research about political systems, focusing especially on the presence of totalitarian elements in nowadays society.

The first performative action will be presented as work in progress in ACUD Theater in Berlin, DE on the 12-12-2013. For more information about the project and the next steps: Ei-lands

FIRESTARTER*: Fast Forward

November 2013

The Firestarter*Network had its third meeting successfully in Berlin between the 16th - 20th of November. Discussions, planning for new projects and an open evening with presentations, video screenings and small performances of the organizations of the network, were in the agenda. Small House Productions was also there!
Firestarter* is as an informal network of organizations & informal groups connected to theater & performance that work in the social field. At the moment 12 European organizations are part of it. 
THE P.U.B.lic COLLECTIVE: Bistrot Magnan in France

September 2013


Bistrot Magnan is the new residency project of the PUBlic collective which is going to take place in Forcalquier and Marseilles, South of France from the 3rd to the 24th September. The collective is going to work on Pierre Magnan's literature, a detective stories writer that had decided to base the frame of his literature on the region he was living in, Forcalquier and its surroundings.
The members of the collective will live 2 weeks in the place that inspired the writer and will collect materials through different events (readings for a movie premiere, animation at a bookshop etc.) but also from the people that knew at the same time the writer and his books. After a series of small public performative actions, the collective will perform in the main theater of Forcalquier as well as in CIAM in Marseilles. 
The P.U.B.lic collective has a very active Blog. For more information: P.U.B.lic Collective

FABRIC OF TIME: choreographing the childhood 

June 2013

The new documentary about childhood memories and parents' relationships of filmmaker and director Miki Ambrozy (HU/BE) is still in production till the end of this summer, and apart from the homage to cinema formats that it includes (8mm, 16mm, DV, HDV), it is aiming to break the traditions in documentary filming. The end result will include a theater-dance performance with dancer Alex Tsiamoglou (GR), performer Caroline Daish (CA/BE), choreography Andreas Hannes (GR/NL) and live sound mixing by Patrick Codenys (BE). The scene was just filmed in 16mm film by cinematographers Boris Belay (BE) and Sebastien Koeppel (BE) in Brussels under the support of SOIT. The movie will be presented in Brussels and different festivals the coming autumn.

May 2013

"Abissi/Abysses/Abgründe" is an international performance studio
at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Fakultät für Romanisti. LMN Liminale Räume is organizing a performance inspired by the novel “La stiva e l’abisso”, by Michele Mari. This project is born from the wish to set a theoretical study into practice.
Small House Productions will assist the creation of the performance that will be presented on the 17th of May in Berlin. For more info:
Project website & LMN

April 2013

"Wonderous Stories: from Isolation to Revelation" has just completed the residential part! Intensive research days, followed by development of projects in the production days, ended in a preview performance in Ommen and a collection of performances on the 9th of April in Amsterdam at the Muiderpoort Theater. Take a look at the research days presented by  our documentation team! For more info please visit:
Hearing Voices

March 2013


"Hearing Voices" was an intense seminar by Nicole Beutler and Eric Ellingsen in which we explored the phenomena of the phantom word to create a danced sound poem. Phantom word is a psychoacoustic effect based on perception and memory, discovered by the professor of psychology Diana Deutsch. The seminar seeks to engage these phenomena through experimentation, voice, body, repetition, repetition and movement. In March 23, there was a Public Presentation in Frascati WG 

The project was organized by NBprojects ( in collaboration with Eric Ellingsen.
With: Esher Snelder, Carola Bärtschiger, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Alice Pons, Alma Söderberg, Jolika Sudermann, Niels Kuiters, Pedro Inês, Sieger Baljon, Andreas Hannes, Eric Ellingsen, Nicole Beutler and others.
Production: Justa Ter Haar |Technique: Paul Schimmel |With thanks to: Bark Kiene

Cinedans screening
CINEDANS: Screening Times and Tickets

March 2013


The short films "AUTION" and "A DANCE DICTIONARY" will be screened during the Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival 2013. The festival takes place in the beautiful EYE Film Institute in the North of Amsterdam!


>Saturday 2nd of March at 10:30 in the section of "Unexpected Dance(rs)" you can see "A dance dictionary"


>Sunday 3rd of March at 11:30 in the section of "Debuts" you can see "Aution".
For tickets look here:
WONDEROUS STORIES:  from Isolation to Revelation

February 2013

Wonderous Stories is coming back soon! The second part of the project will have the theme of Isolation & Revelation. At the moment, the Open Call for participants is running with the deadline of  4th of March. If you are interested say to get the info letter and application form! For more information on the previous part of the project you can visit
For a wondeous surprise, take a look at the teaser of the project directed by Elena Tudorache! Stay tuned!
A dance dictionary
HARMONY: the last chapter of "A dance dictionary"

January 2013

The chapter "Harmony" was added to "A dance dictionary" for the  screening of the movie at the Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival. This chapter is the only ensemble piece in the movie and it's presenting the co-existing emotions of the state of harmony. Big thanks to the Director and Editor of the movie, Nuno Escudeiro. You can watch "Harmony" here:
The trailer of the movie can be found here:
AUTION in Cinedans 2013

December 2012


 "AUTION", which I directed, was officially selected in the Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival 2013! The festival will  take place in the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, from March 1st till 9th. For screening please visit 
Aution (audio+motion) is a short film about the connection between sound and body and is an attempt to research fear through vision and sound.
I would like to especially thank Small House Productions for the production, along with the executive producer of the movie, Miki Ambrozy! See you in the Big Screen!
Wonderou Stories I
Wonderous Stories: from Isolation to Revelation

December 2012

Small House Productions is organizing the continuation of the Wonderous Stories project! In March 27th till April 10th, 35 artists from 7 European countries will meet in Ommen, the Netherlands for the residential part of the project. 
The continuation of the project will have the theme of Isolation and the participants will create a performance that will be presented in Ommen and in Amsterdam in the beginning of April. 
I will act as the artistic director of the project and along with Elena Tudorache, the artistic producer, and an international team of artists, will manage and facilitate the 3 stages of the project: the Online Preparation, the Residency and the International Follow up. 
For more details:
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