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Au(dio in Mo)tion
A film by
Andreas Hannes
Executive producer 
Miki Ambrozy 
Miki Ambrozy
Veronika Michalova, Atis Veilins, Konstantinos Kotsos, Georgios Panopoulos, Maria Kligopoulou, Judith Neil
Thanks to
Judith Neil Dance Company
Small House Productions
Greece/Netherlands 2012

"The never-ending body...

you have one, I am one, you are one,I have one, we all are bodies. All these bodies, all these differences, all this confusion since the Gods cut the perfect androgyny body in two pieces. We all have to deal with it in one or another way. Andreas Hannes did, he filmed, with his better half: his Father, creating the music.

The son celebrating the beauty of a dancing body in his moving pictures, dancing from male to female and back, the father trying to keep the dance grounded with his percussion.

Close your eyes, open your mouth and watch careful and maybe, maybe beauty will kiss you."


M. Marzodko, artist


Official Selection

> Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

> Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival | Bucharest, Romania

> ShortsNonStop by the Canadian Film Center | Toronto, Canada

> Martijn Aerts Supershow Exhibition | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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