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What' s the body gotta do? To evaporate the heart? The heart's melancholy?


Concept, Choreography & Performance by

Andreas Hannes

Advice by

Charlier Laban Trier,

Emma Goia

Photography by

This is not a stand-up. I repeat. This is not a stand-up.

It is time for sorrow indeed.


The urgencies should be considered irrelevant and received lightly.

In a space where everything is possible, I wonder…

I wonder how much it can fit. My stuff, are not in boxes.


Laugh / Cry after the tone. Please!!! Please!!! 

The format of Stand-Up Comedy is used and addressed to structure a drama inspired by the personal experiences of the performer/maker.

His main drive is the tiredness of standing up for things he doesn’t believe in. He believes in love and not in politics. He is desperately trying to find a way to evaporate the sadness from his body. 


His act consists of an ode to work and money, a pathetic moment for empathetic people, a denial of a nation, a survey on open, closed, short and long distance relationships, a report on bikram yoga, an algorithm to evaporate sadness, an award to learning, a lullaby for walking a bit faster and many more…

STAND UP DRAMA had its first presentation in OT301 (Amsterdam) during the 12th edition of Highs & Lows by 4bid Gallery. 23rd of September 2015. For more information: Highs & Lows

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