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Unblocked project

Where physicality meets personality


Unblocked project by
Edan Gorlicki & Francesca Bardaro

Athina Liakopoulou

Ursus Haussmann

Inge Ensing

Wilma Bronne Stadwijk

Keren Rosenberg

Andreas Hannes

Wiebke Heeren

Lola Lasry

Marieke Van Vugt

Rain Leander

Marco Bonisimo

Inge Kooistra

In the Unblocked exhibition, the choreographer and movement researcher Edan Gorlicki and cross-media artist Francesca Bardaro, explore the relationship between physicality and personality, each from their own discipline. For one month they worked in collaboration with 12 participants in one-on-one LAMA sessions (Edan Gorlicki’s movement research).

The goal was to explore each participant’s authentic movement language in relation to his/her personal life and translate his/her journey into an interactive installation. The result is this exhibition of 12 installations including, video, visual art, sound, scenography, text, multimedia and live performance. The exhibition is spread out in 6 different locations in the city center of Groningen.




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