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“Dance has a history. A history in the body. Whether you are a dancer or not, you train your body and mind to move and think in specific ways and you certainly know other ways even if you don’t train them.

In this practice, we will be working with the individual’s virtuosity of the body within a group context. What can the body generate as a fusion of all the ways it knows? What are the urgencies and how does pleasure, desire and need manifest?

Your current state will be invited to drive you in this process of making dance.”

NEXT WORKSHOP: Art63, Athens | 23rd - 24th of August 2016

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Previous Workshop:

TIME: Friday 22nd of July 18:30 – 20:30

PLACE: Kaņepes Cultural Center (Skolas iela 15, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia)

more about the practice


This practice is aiming to create a space where personal virtuosity can be trained and enhanced. The body is perceived here as a container of already existing practices, forms, habits, errors, fortunes and misfortunes. A body that is moving out of necessity, urgency, pleasure or desire.
This might be a celebration, a catharsis, a storm or a sunrise.


Each dancer is an (in)dependent unity manifesting in a group context. A group that engages in the practice simultaneously could potentially allow the space to reveal itself as a container of parallel processes.

The invitation is to dance together as independent individuals that depend. There is no right or wrong way to be or move in this context. There is yet the encouragement to fuse what you know and morph your body according to the circumstances.

Some of the parameters are defined by a set of guidelines / manifesto, that everyone goes through before the start of the practice. The moment it starts, there can only be practice; of moving (or not), of thinking (or not).

The music plays an important role in this practice, as it is one of the main influential ingredients. The mixing of already used musical compositions aims to generate a space with multiple co-existing notions.  The soundscapes of the club, the declarations of a ritual and the alternating distances of sound sources are some of the inspirations for this context.


Here are some of the principles of the practice:

  1. You are an independent individual that depends

  2. What you do is exactly what you should do.

  3. Your tools for moving are everything you know already.

  4. Travelling through the possibilities of body, space, time, voice, music, dance styles, techniques or states is welcomed.

  5. No hunting, only embracing.

  6. When you enter the room, start by repetition of movement(s)


This developing practice will be used for the next production of Andreas Hannes for the School for New Dance Development in November 2016 in Amsterdam.

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