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My time is not yet over.
Concept, Choreography & Performance
Andreas Hannes 
Matej Kejžar 
With the support of and gratitude towards
Charlie Laban Trier, Felix Ritter, Ria Higler, Ellen Knops, Asher Levi, Niklas Blomberg, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Laura van Bergem, Emma Goia, Fernando Belfioro, Tiana Hemlock - Yensen, Bruno Listopad, Jeroen Fabius, Astrit Ismaili, and to my exquisite classmates
Photography by
Nellie de Boer & Spider Festival
Produced by


(n) a public speech in praise of someone or something / a eulogistic oration or writing

Synonyms: eulogy, speech of praise, paean, tribute, acclamation

Amongst the human needs, there is also the need for Significance.

The strive for importance, to be remembered, to beat ephemerality. PANEGYRIC is a place where this need is driving the wheel of actions.

18-20 June 2015 | Theaterschool, Amsterdam 


2-3 June 2016 | Spider Festival, Ljubljana, SK 

“I was screaming into the canyon

At the moment of my death

The echo I created

Outlasted my last breath.


My voice, it made an avalanche

And buried a man I never knew

And when he died, his widowed bride

Met your daddy, and they made you.


I’ve only one thing to do and that’s,

Be the wave that I am and then

Sink back into the ocean…


I have only one thing to do and that’s,

Be the wave that I am and then

Sink back into the ocean…


Sink back into the ocean…



by Fiona Apple



“Ah! You’re all pushing. You’re pushing it. You’re pushing it. Just relax. Relax. You’re pushing it…

It will go out by itself. Don’t put nothing in it unless you feel it.

Let’s do it again please.”


They say everything can be replaced

They say every distance is not near

So I remember every face

Of every man who put me here


They say every man needs protection

They say every man must fall

So I swear I see my reflection

Somewhere inside these walls


I see my light come shining

From the west down to the east

Any day now, any day now

I shall be released.”


“I shall be released”, live version

by Nina Simone

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