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Andreas Hannes


My father once told me while practicing percussion together:

"You have to put energy for the notes that are not there; hearable; visible."

I was born in Greece. My father’s profession in music influenced tremendously my dancing in the living room. I studied music and percussion at the university only to discover my parallel passion for film. In 2010, I moved to the Netherlands and started working as a freelance director and  producer of short films. I also held the artistic direction of Small House Production, a platform that initiated international interdisciplinary projects. My love for dance films quickly led me to choreography and now I am a graduate from the School for New Dance Development (Choreography) in Amsterdam.

Experimentation is very important to me and that’s why my work and ways of working are eclectic. I seek the tension in the distances between bodies, principles and ways of looking. I wonder the distance between the different fields, backgrounds and lives I’ve been through. My insistence on the creation, alteration and/or dissolution of narratives come hand in hand with spatial formal inquiries, aiming to resume (reveal) dance as an experience in the eyes and body of the beholder.

Drama, as a life force, is most always present in the backdrop of the contexts I propose on stage; essentially for the creation of a flow that may lead to the re-discovery and re-figuration of a fluid identity. The spectacle, entertainment, science fiction and time tenses are exciting my heart, with all the social and political implications that they may contain.

At the moment, I focus on my love for dance, as a relation and practice that shapes hope and

therefore future.

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