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Sol♯ // La♭

I've got my own truth. You've got your own truth.


a piece by

Andreas Hannes

in collaboration with

Laima Jaunzema, Maya Tamir & Stina Fors

performed by

Laima Jaunzema, Maya Tamir & Andreas Hannes

lights by

Eli van Hooff

live sound effects by

Marko Ivic

advice by

Aitana Cordero

production by

Stephanie Lühn

technical production by

Kiki Heslenveld

thanks to

Bruno Listopad, Grete Smitaite, Charlie Laban Trier, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Michael Scerbo, Matej Kejzar, Fernando Belfiore, Dave Krooshof and the three power women who indulged in my frenzy.

produced by

SNDO School for New Dance Development 2016

photography by

Nellie de Boer &

Sol # // La ♭


The sound of sol# is exactly the same as la♭.


My hands are on the piano.

Chords are floating in my mind.

The beats of my heart are fast.


“There is a different kind of danger in the daylight”. “And in the theater, I want to change my seat, just so I can step on everybody’s feet”. “Yeah, but if you, if you just wanna go out drinkin’, honey, won’t you invite me along please? Oh, I’ll be so good to ya babe”!

The sound of sol♯ is the same sound of la♭.The distinction is rather a constructed reality to serve the pleasure of the mind. It’s a door to another potential space to be defined.

A chord consists of 3 notes, each one having their individual tone. As an ensemble they can emit major or minor emotions/harmonies. 

A symphony is an elaborate musical composition for an orchestra, typically in four movements.
A symphony (derived from the greek: syn+phoni / plus + voice) means in accord, in harmony. In modern greek it is used as an agreement, a deal.

On stage there are 3 distinctive characters. Characters that have emerged from the peculiarities of the performers themselves. Their movement and speech is trying to expand the space for their individual inner logics, that are different than what we could call common logic, to manifest. The peculiar behaviors and expressions of inner desires that are glimpsing (and exist in the - in between) in everyday life have the chance to emerge in the space, in order to disappear and recreated. As if creation and construction is the only function that can keep us alive.

Sol # // La ♭ had its premiere and on the 15th - 16th  of April 2016, in context of the

SNDO2 Festival 2016, in Amsterdam. 

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