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Fighting the fight behind us, not in front.


a performance by

Marc Oliveras Casas & Andreas Hannes

with Noor Scheers & Paulina Prokop

avocado costume by

Paulina Prokop

music edit & advice

Tatiana Rosa

advice by

Bruno Listopad

thanks to

Robert Scheers and Jenny Boulboullé, Oliver Emmit, Charlie Laban Trier, Laima Jaunzema, Michael Scerbo, Elisa Zuppini, Antonia Steffens, Lisa Skwirblies, Esther Arribas, Sara Casas Mallorca, Sant Oliveras Baro, Pol Oliveras Casas, Maxine van Lishout, Meni Tsougka, Kostas Hanis, Marko Ivic and Mirja Bons.

produced by

SNDO, MTD, AHK Interfaculty Grant, CvA Master of Live Electronics & Small House Productions

photography by

Nellie de Boer & Geray Mena


A road trip forms our field of vision.

Gravity gets us bowing in devotion.


What else would our future be if not our current hope.

Fighting the fight behind us, not in front.


The boy appears.

They boy prayed so hard, the body got a headache.

They boy’s exorcisms of the past are not working.

Anyhow, the body decided to celebrate their deaths.


For the notable histories.

For the inevitable needs.


The boy, the body, they boy.


Searching the rush hour of the city.

Slumbering the unknown,

forgetting memories to look for.


The boy wished.


The boy hopes.


They wish. An idle wish.


In “The Idle Wish”, the two performers are navigating through parallel narratives in a dramaturgy of a slumber party. Images are created only to be transformed, allowing more than one relation and sense of time to appear in their intimate actions. In an excessive manner, they are reconfiguring a space of crisis and celebration, as if to question the distances in-between their bodies and the different choreographies and elements they introduce on stage. If our history, this spectacle, cannot be broken, if we cannot live outside of it, then how do we live within it?


14-15 April 2017 | Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam


28 October 2017 | De School, Amsterdam | WHYNOT Festival

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