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Three dimensions that clash and collide but exist next to each other. Energizing the space and the body using three main sources; drawings, texts and songs created by Astrit Ismaili are embodied in three performers that explore the energy on the frames of multiplicity. 


Dasarts, Amsterdam, 14th of June 2015 

SPIELART, Munich, 5th-6th November 2015


Choreographer Burkhard Körner in collaboration with music composer Duri Collenberg, performers Antonia Steffens and Andreas Hannes and pianist Tijmen van Tol, want to trace hidden collectivity at the crossroads between composition, music, dance, and choreography.


Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam, 26-28th March 2015

Uferstudios, Berlin, 28th April 2015

Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam, 22nd May 2015


Abysses is a two step project with the artistic direction of Nadja Grasselli and LMN Liminale Räume. Developed in Berlin and Leipzig (2013-2014), this performance was inspired by the novel La stiva e l'abisso, by Michele Mari and evolved with experimenting around a performative format: from the interation and clash between Music / Performance / Video.

A travelling performance, collecting always new stories, constanlty in change.


Various Performances in May 2013, Berlin

June 2014, Leipzig


Ei-lands is born from a joke and got to a serious intent. It is a study about human nature, social relationships and political systems. It is about questions. Ei-lands is a performative process that opens to the public after intensive working sessions, taking place in different European countries.


Berlin, Decemeber 2013 / Trento, January 2014 / Łódź, April 2014/ Pabianice, April 2014


P.U.B. is a project born in pubs around Europe. The international collective PUBlic is moving from country to country, lives and works inside a pub of a remote village for the development of performances based on literature and the local sites. The outcome is aiming to bring theater and performance closer to the audience of a pub.


Residencies and Performances

Czech Republic, October 2013 / France September 2013

Wonderous Stories

Wonderous Stories is a performance built around the theme of Xenophobia, where the audience is invited to respond to the happenings on stage. An unfinished puzzle of stories that is presenting the range of emotions that can occur in an event in life: from Xenophobia to Amazement.


Residency and Performances

Ommen & Amsterdam, The Netherlands / February 2012

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