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WONDEROUS STORIES: from Xenophobia to Amazement

"Amazement awaits us at every corner" - James Broughton
Organized by
Olde Vechte Foundation in collaboration with Small House Productions.
International Partners
Meno Duobe (LT), Makeshift Ensemble (IR), Quo Vadis (RO), Global Soma (GR), Creactivitae (FR).
Artistic Production
Elena Tudorache
Artistic Direction
Andreas Hannes
Special Thanks
Random Collision (Groningen, NL) and Rabbit Knows Design
Financed by
European Commision, the Youth In Action Program and Local Funds
Created and Performed by
Athanasios Chalastras, Sarah Chauve, Vasileios Dendrinos, Liudmyla Derkach, Eszter Farkas, Edvinas Grinkevicius, Fionnuala Gygax, Meadhbh Haiceid, Daniel Ionescu, Oana Maria Ionescu, Teodora Ionescu, Aneta Juříková, Lenka Koprajdova, Despoina Kopsacheili, Ilias Kourtoudis, Vaiva Kovieraitė, Barbara Krima, Laura Le Guen, Greta Liekytė, Donara Manukian, Konstantina Michalopoulou, Emese Muri, Ferenc Nagy, Stefan Pavel, Joanne Quinn, Alina Laura Rotaru, Eglė Tamulytė, Phebe Tempelaars
International Partners
Meno Duobe (LT), Makeshift Ensemble (IR), Quo Vadis (RO), Global Soma (GR), Creactivitae (FR).
Advising / Dramaturgy
Jasmine Ellis
Dramaturgy / Directing
Andreas Hannes in close collaboration with performers

The project Wonderous Stories: from Xenophobia to Amazement was born having in mind the complex and dynamic European context we live in today, as one of the most culturally fragmented and intense migration regions in the world (and when we say this, we have in mind  political and economic considerations, social aspects, cultural and historical ties between countries).

In a constantly changing society, shaped by perceptions built by media or one-to-one interaction, one has a specific moment of decision:
to be afraid or to be amazed.

The project was created for bringing a new perspective on xenophobia in everyday life, by using media and performance arts. In order to facilitate the approach of this subject, as well as to communicate ideas and feelings unpretentiously, we invited 40 young people, from 8 different European countries: Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary,  Romania, Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

Together with Olde Vechte Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization and Small House Productions, based the Netherlands, and 8 international partners coming from performance arts and media backgrounds, we decide to share stories and reinvest them with meaning, especially where this has been lost through formalized techniques.  The constant re-examination of what is new or strange in our society reveals the importance of challenging our perceptions through art.

We believe that in a changing society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect change.

For the documentary of the project please look below. For more info visit

Small House Productions - Wonderous Stories


For information about the whole project and its implementations in 2013 and 2015 take a look at the PROJECTS page.

Images from the residency.

Documentary of the project

The Peformance

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