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In Motion
Mentia  NL | 13' | 2017

During a night in a hotel room things happen that only the walls of the room will know. Carolien van Maaswaal is the director of a short docu-fiction involving the experience of maids in hotel rooms. The memories of the rooms are becoming alive between the words of the maids and the movements of the dancers.


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Rites of Resistance BE | 20' | 2016


This film is a relentless flow of words (thinking, speaking, script) and the simultaneous perception of things seen and unseen in the world (intuition, colour, texture, body). Through a typographic approach, poetic compositions emerge with word as image, word as sound, word as texture. Image, sound, texture are living a quiet life of meaning.

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I remember you told me the jellyfish are not dead they just look dead
I remember you told me "The jellyfish are not dead.
They just look dead" NL | 17' | 2015


An unfinished project. An exercise on dramaturgy with abstracted narratives, multiple characters and diverse locations. Created during the Dance & Camera workshop of SNDO - School for New Dance Development ( Choreography)

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Endgame BE | 8' | 2013

A family constellation. Zoom in. Habbits, gestures and interactions of struggling. Endgame is a performance video extract from a personal experimental documentary by Miki Ambrozy.


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Aution - Andreas Hannes
Aution NL/GR | 6' | 2012


A short film about the connection between sound and body. The presented textures, movements, soundscapes, bodies and spaces are part of an attempt to research fear though vision and sound.

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A dance dictionary NL | 23' | 2012


“Is there anything common between a ballroom and a dictionary? Can a stage on fire ever be as a dramatic as a burning encyclopedia?” A dictionary of words is defined by a group of youngsters who chose to move.

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A dace dictionary
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