Out of my head, please!

This page contains a collection of sketches (performative, texts, videos, drawings, pictures etc.) that have been either presented in small audiences or kept in the shadows till now. Let them linger in your consciousness as they do in mine. Click and you shall be rewarded. Thanks

An algorithm to evaporate the melancholy of the heart.

- Forever work in progress, part of Stand Up Drama

What's the body got to do?

What's the body got to do to evaporate?

What's somebody got to do to evaporate the melancholy?

What's somebody got to do to evaporate the melancholy of the heart?

Skipping practice - Andreas Hannes
Centre National de la Danse,
Paris June 2017
small presentations of the
skipping practice
Skipping practice - Andreas Hannes
Friday Afternoon, SNDO
Amsterdam, June 2017
FOR DISAPPEARING is a publication
I created during the "Publication & Performance" workshop of SNDO.
June 2016
Made of Magic Paper, Plastic
& my Instagram photography

Talking about evolution

A sketch presented during the performance art & media residency "Wonderous Stories: and it's perfect as it is", with the theme of evolution.

"And I'm learning, so I'm leaving And even though I'm grieving I'm trying to find the meaning Let loss reveal it Let loss reveal it"


St Jude, Florence + the Machine

A Bastard
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