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P.U.B. by the PUBlic Collective

Where the wind blows.... where the unbelievable comes true. 
La Boite a Mistral
A collaboration between 
LMN Liminale Räume (DE), Inform'Art (FR) & Sunshine Cabaret (CZ)
Performance & Visuals by
The PUBlic Collective
Supported by
CIAM Marseille, Speak Easy Forcalquier, Croq'Jardin, Radio Zinzine, Le Bleuet and the Forcalquier Municipality
Financed by
European Commission, Youth in Action Program

The PUB Project is a two-three weeks residency project that brings an international collective to a local reality.  The collective lives and explores the local reality – starting from the cultural background (usually by choosing one piece of national literature in advance as a starting point and guiding line), getting through the everyday life of the place, joining and observing, putting the inputs under a different, international point of view and presenting during and at the end of the residency, at least one performative action or public event. This action is patterned on the venue and can involve different artistic tools (like performance, multimedia, puppets, visual art) and works with all kind of languages; it gives a new interpretation to usually settled realities and brings art and culture directly back to where it has been born from: everyday life.


The Public Collective is an international, multidisciplinary, non-hierarchical collective.  It fosters performative actions and events in public space. 


The PUB Project was born during the first FIRESTARTER* NETWORK meeting in Cork (IR), March 2012. For more information about the network looke here: Firestarter*

Bistrot Magnan

The most recent PUB Project was held in Forcalquier and Marseilles, France in September 2013 and it produced two performative actions and a theater play, which was adapted twice.



The first PUB Project was held at the “Hospoda pod Kapličkou” in Nahořany, Czech Republic from the 15th to the

28th of October 2012 and it produced a theater play and a video production.

The PUBlic Collective

More information on the website of the collective: PUBlic Collective

Take a look at the documentary of the France Residency here:

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