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Rites of Resistance - a way through.... is a contemplative film based on a collection of poems triggered by the seemingly simple obligation of the artist to create - an idea explored in Samuel Beckett’s writing 'Textes pour rien', which accompanied the director while developing this film. Image after image, word after word, this obligation manifests itself. The film is a relentless flow of words (thinking, speaking, script) and the simultaneous perception of things seen and unseen in the world (intuition, colour, texture, body). Through a typographic approach, poetic compositions emerge with word as image, word as sound, word as texture. Image, sound, texture are living a quiet life of meaning.
For more information: Rites of Resistance - Miki Ambrozy
BE | 20' | 2016
Directed by Miki Ambrózy
Produced by Visualantics
Photography, printing and text Miki Ambrózy
Edit Fairuz, Miki Ambrózy
Editing advisors Els Van Riel, Andreas Hannes
Negative cutting Mariette Michaud
Photochemical engineering Etienne Caire, MTK Grenoble
Typography Salome Schmuki
Sound design Boris Debackere, Miki Ambrózy
Composer Kostas Chanis
Sound camera Guillaume Mazloum
Technical support Boris Belay
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