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Wonderous Stories is a long term media and performance arts project in which personal stories travel from the rehearsal space to ​ stage to video, photo, book, postcard and in different European countries!

The project has reached in 2014 its second edition. Starting in 2011 and developing throughout the year 2012, Wonderous Stories aims at tackling social aspects through creative means, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to an artistic event. The first step of Wonderous Stories was from Xenophobia to Amazement and it took place in 2012 in the Netherlands. It was a project organized in collaboration with Olde Vechte Foundation. Because we enjoyed very much working on the previous Wonderous Stories and saw the possibilities we could implement in a sequel, we decided to bring the story even further: from Isolation to Revelation. We designed a new artistic residency that brought together young people with a background in theatre, dance, music, visual arts or media. These people lived and worked together for 14 days with the theme of Isolation in order to create a production that was presented to an audience as work in progress.

If the first Wonderous Stories was aiming towards bringing a new perspective on Xenophobia, being more focused on external events (how we react to what is happening outside of us), the second project dealt with Isolation and  shifted its focus on internal events (how we handle what is happening inside of us).

The third project which closed the trilogy in 2015 and was called Wonderous Stories: and it's perfect as it is.

It was an artistic residency focused on the theme of Evolution and the Condition of Modern Human in the 21st century. 

Documentary on the research, workshops and production phases of Wonderous Stories: from Xenophobia to Amazement. 
and it's perfect as it is
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