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In this short exploration on gravitational forces, the dancers are moving in a space that is in constant transit. Within aerodynamic landscapes, their bodies are pulled and pushing in an interplay between submission and dominance.

Through the practice of continuous skipping and the subsequent practice of warping (warp: to bend /deviate from the original course or direction), the body stays vulnerable to each own movement and is searching for ways to reconfigure and inhibit transformation through its sensory awareness and equilibrium. The individual movement inevitably influences the collective network, opening rhythmical systems and fleshing potential landscapes and relations.

WHIZZ WHOOSH was created with the 3rd year students of the contemporary dance department of Fontys Academy in Tilburg. 

Premiere: 11-06-2021 at Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg

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Andreas Hannes 

Aaliyah Bui - Sunai Elbers - Caroline Guerra Duarte Alves Da Rocha Anastasia Jansen - Saoirse Lambkin O’Kane - Meri Reunamaki - Barbara Weinmann-Iris Deenen - Martijn Schipper - Toon Theunissen - Emma Versluys -Roisin Harten - Sander Conrads & Djamila Ploeg


Freeport by Ludwig Goransson, Forwardism & Memory Arc by Rival Consoles


Bo van Vliet

Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie

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