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Andreas Hannes works again with the practice of continuous skipping – as in skipping down the street. In Tremble, a group of dancers embarks on a journey without a destination. They move across the stage by drawing geometrical patterns and falling in and out of rhythm. Together, they form a body that dynamically moves through space. With a sustained cadence and the original music of composer Rival Consoles, Tremble highlights a space that is in transit. Through the continuous flow of skipping, you are pulled into the movement; as if you were sitting on a moving vehicle, trembling, you become part of a road-trip, in which your memories and inspiration intertwine.

Concept & Choreography Andreas Hannes in collaboration with

Performers Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Antonia Steffens,

Charlie Laban Trier, Andreas Hannes

Light design Paulina Prokop

Music & mix Rival Consoles

Costume Design Aziz Bekkaoui

Poster Luis Xertu

Production & Publicity Dansmakers Amsterdam & Michael Scerbo Dramaturgy Renée Copraij, Bruno Listopad

Artistic advice Suzy Blok, Kristin de Groot, Heleen Volman

In collaboration with DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Moving Futures Network 
With the support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Young Artsupport Amsterdam

TREMBLE premiered on the 28-29 November 2019 

at Dansmakers Amsterdam. 

Tremble becomes an intoxicating experience about squeaky soil under the feet and vibrating air between the legs.



The rhythmic, the coinciding, the simple repeating movements and the melodic music invite you to disappear into the performance, 

like a child staring out of the car window while being gently cradled in half-sleep. ”



> Volkskrant: "Andreas Hannes has elevated the skip to heart and substance" by Annette Embrechts here

> Theaterkrant: "Skipping in brave formalistic rhythmic concept" by Joost Segers here

> Het Parool: "Surfing on and below the rhythm" by Jacq Algra here

> Volkskrant: "Andreas Hannes shows it cheerfully: look, you can skip anywhere" by Herien Wensink here

> Trouw: "Start the week cheerfully, go skipping" by Sander Hiskemuller here

Photography by Bart Grietens & Paulina Prokop

Photoshoot by Luis Xertu

Photography by Paulina Prokop

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