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Sway is inspired by the movement of swaying – the energy and motion of tipping in and out of balance. In this rhythmical and adventurous solo, Andreas Hannes swerves through landscapes, Greek mythology, musical timelines and invented histories. The protagonist is propelled through these environments by a constant and sensual re-configuration of his body and the space. As he sways, forms and references melt and transform as soon as they start taking shape.

Scenes include a dance for re-invented heritage, an ode to staying with your pain, and the creation and

dissolution of rhythmical creatures that carry energies of power, fragility and absurdity. The stories of Hermes and Icarus merge in a transitory scene that grapples to deliver a message, while the myth of Sisyphus is used not as a mechanical force to continue but as a necessary suspension to the relentless reformulation and ambition of the protagonist to arrive within his body.

Andreas Hannes proposes an alternative to rigid notions of progress, linearity and destination, and prioritizes curiosity, play in the midst of struggle and finding movement when there is no solid ground.

SWAY premiered 13 & 14 July during Julidans Amsterdam.

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Concept, Choreography & Performance

Andreas Hannes 

Music composition & mix

Gary Shepherd (Streamer Nymphonic Orchestra)


Philipp Schüller

Light design & Scenography

Paulina Prokop

Technical Construction

Wojciech Jackowski

Artistic Advice

Renée Copraij, Fernando Belfiore, Antonia Steffens


Michael Scerbo
Produced and supported by

Julidans Amsterdam, ICK Dans Amsterdam, Theater Rotterdam, DansBrabant, Korzo Den Haag

Video Registration

Paul Sixta


Maarten Nauw, Paulina Prokop

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