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Sway Andreas Hannes - © Paulina Prokop.jpg

Sway revolves around the common movement of swaying – the carefree energy and motion of tipping in and out of balance. In this rhythmical and adventurous solo, Andreas Hannes aims to sway between landscapes, mythical stories, musical timelines and invented histories. We witness the protagonist transiting through environments by a constant and sensual re-configuration of his body and the space. Scenes include a dance for re-invented heritage, an ode to staying with your pain, and the creation and dissolution of rhythmical creatures that carry energies of power, fragility, inevitability and absurdity.


Andreas Hannes became known with his practice of continuous skipping (huppelen) in his pieces ‘The City’ and ‘Tremble’. He received the Moving Forward Trajectory 2018, the Young Artsupport Amsterdam 2019 and the BNG DansPrijs 2020. Inspired by the skipping practice, Andreas developed a new method of warping, where the body is emerged in aerodynamic landscapes. He created pieces such as ‘Reverberated Emissions’ with the ensemble of ICK Dans Amsterdam and ‘Warping Soul’ with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. In 2022, he was selected as one of the twenty most promising young artists in Europe in Aerowaves 22.


In Sway, he continues with his warping practice and invites audiences into a peripheral entertainment that offers space for reflection and connection to a light-hearted view of dealing with ones struggles and understanding of progress.

Concept, Choreography & Performance

Andreas Hannes 

Music composition & mix

Gary Shepherd (Streamer Nymphonic Orchestra)


Philipp Schueller

Light design & Scenography

Paulina Prokop

Artistic Advice

Renée Copraij, Fernando Belfiore, Antonia Steffens


Michael Scerbo
Produced and supported by

Julidans Amsterdam, ICK Dans Amsterdam, Theater Rotterdam, DansBrabant, Korzo Den Haag, Small House Productions

SWAY will premiere 13 & 14 July during Julidans Amsterdam. Tickets & Info

Tour dates: Calendar

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