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In this short study, I’m researching the potential tensions between collective bodies and converging forces, through a (trans)formative relation to gravity. Bounces, curves and swings stimulate and open the bodies to enter a textural, sensuous and tantalising interplay within aerodynamic forces and transiting landscapes.

Between their submission and dominance, the dancers aim to make visible a vitality that could pull the spectator in an otherworldly dance. Rattled Heart is a continuation of the short piece
“Warping Soul”, in which I worked with the notion of warping (to bend or turn from the direction or course). In the background of my investigation lies the practice of continuous skipping that I have been developing since 2017.


Andreas Hannes 

Kanono Takeuchi, Carolina Verra, Benedita Crispiniano, Charles Antoni, Jeroen Tiyuen Janssen

Original music 

Gary Shepherd (DJ Stremear)


ICK Dans Amsterdam

RATTLED HEART is a commission by ICK Dance Amsterdam with the young dancers of ICK Next.

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, Rattled Heart could not meet an audience. 

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