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Two dancers are exploring and re-configurating themselves and the space, through basic principles of fall, catch and bounce. Inspired by the environments generated by the practice of“continuous skipping”,that I have been developing the last years, the body’s composition and texture reveals a multi-directional world in constant transit.


*yaw = to deviate temporarily from a straight course; (for ships and aircrafts) to have a motion about their vertical axis.

YAWING was created with the 4th year students of the Modern Theater Dance department of the AHK Academy of Theater & Dance Amsterdam. 

Premiere: 25-11-2020 at the Academy for Theater and Dance, Amsterdam


Andreas Hannes 

Alberto QUirico, Bjorn Bakker
Music mix & composition

Davide Bellotta

Music tracks

French 79

Ellen den Bouwmeester, Jille van de Pas


Charlie Laban Trier


Nellie de Boer

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