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Video Volunteers

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Video Volunteers, also known as ViVo, is a long term project on Video Activism, mainly funded by the European Commission – Program “Youth in Action” – Action 4.5.

18 months; 6 local actions in 5 different countries; 15 international video productions; 10 focus groups and 6 international activities:

A Media training in Greece, A youth exchange in Hungary, A meeting for Youth Workers in Spain, An international conference in Budapest and a Final Evaluation Meeting!

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Watch all the Video Volunteers video productions here:

Video Volunteers was financed by the European Commission – Program “Youth in Action” – Action 4.5 and co-financed by the partner organizations. Organized by Egyesek Youth Association (Hungary). Partner Organizations: Global Soma (GR), Intercambia (ES), Milan Simecka (SL) and Spazio Giovani (IT).

Project Manager : Kriszta Zsiday. Administration: Gyula Sandor. International Coach: Sofia Moudiou, Online Management: Andreas Hannes. Trainers and Educators: Kriszta Zsiday, Sofia Moudiou, Andreas Hannes, Peter Drall


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