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Things always move and occasionally flow. Measuring, counting, pushing and pulling, bodies find a way to navigate the concreteness of space and time, in full hope and fantasy. In the groove of rhythm, a group of dancers is skipping the finite to find the infinite. They outline trajectories of encounter and departure, passing through energetic fields made of dreams and memories.

Andreas Hannes has been working with skipping (huppelen) since 2017. His performances are aiming to vitalize bodies and space in order to open up, question and highlight the intricate relation between them, and to consider distance and approach as a meaningful dance of time tenses.

RIPPLE CURRENT was created in close collaboration with the  graduating students of Fontys Academy in Tilburg. This performance was part of Dansjacht - Being There Tilburg 2021


Andreas Hannes in collaboration with

Sunai Elbers, Saoirse Lambkin O’Kaine, Martijn Schipper, Djamila Ploeg, Barbara Weinmann, Anastasia Jansen, Carolina Guerra Duarte Alves da Rochas


Resynthesis by Max Cooper and Voyager by Rival Consoles


DansBrabant/Club Soda, Martijn Schipper, Djamila Ploeg

William van der Voort

Premiere: 17-10-2021 at Piushaven, Tilburg, NL

Tour dates: Calendar

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