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In REVERBERATED EMISSIONS, bodies, space and music reverb on each other. Through reconstructing, warping, pushing and pulling, the dancers fall, skip and bend to exhilarating and sometimes comical environments. Their sensual interplay reminisces of a dance that might have already happened but is yet to come. 

With this piece, I continued my research on the body's relationship to gravity and aimed to develop further the characteristics of the warping practice I have been developing. Looking for a reconfiguration of the body's perception of itself and an alteration of its dance history, I want to focus on the development of a spectacle that is driven by fantasy.

REVERBERATED EMISSIONS was created with the ensemble of ICK Dans Amsterdam. and was presented in the program Known & To Know, a double bill with the revival of the performance "Nero" by Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten.


Andreas Hannes 

Beatrice Cardone, Denis Bruno, Maria Ribas, Sixtine Biron, Hiroki Nunogaki


Elisa Battistutta


Clifford Portier

Light design

Andreas Hannes

Light design support

Maarten Heijdra, Hessel Hilgersom

Production & PR

ICK Dans Amsterdam

Alwin Poiana

Premiere: 27-11-2021 at De Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam, NL

Tour dates: Calendar




"Hannes keeps the attention by building in temptations

(a staggering attitude, a loose hop), but never awarding

the reward "- read more

Francine van der Wiel - NRC

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