Skipping, as in skipping down the street, is a practice that started to form in the background of my last two productions and through my investigation on the rhythmical dynamics in the contexts of the club and folk dance. My interest on the structural base of and deviation from the beat, sparked a formal investigation on skipping and its variations in space and time. Working with the concept of a road-trip choreography, in this practice I’m busy with the play on the gravitational forces and the transport and dispersion of the body through a constant re-configurative space.


The development of the practice started with a formal research on understanding the body alignment, the possible variations of skipping and the ways of utilising it in space. Out of this research, there has been two presentations of work in process, one on the formal spectrum and one on choreographic attempts, as well as two workshops in Paris & Athens.


The engagement with the practice of skipping is a continuation of my artistic interests in the notions of hope, investment and future, as well as a re-formulation on questions I have been busy connected to distances (in between); bodies, disciplines, histories, genres, styles – physical and/or imaginative.

At the moment, I am curious about how dance appears in the practice of skipping and how to formulate/facilitate dance through this practice.

“The city” as a project is my attempt to create a systemic universe that blinks in existence. In this city, I search for groping the architectural design, the matter of consistence as well as the encounter with the imagery implanted, found or projected on it.


The skippers are the ones to make the city visible, weaving the pathways and crossings, the dead-ends and turns, revealing and re-constructing at the same time. Their gaze could be described as the one of someone on a road trip looking outside a window. Softly in the present but not present enough.


The motion of skipping is to be kept constantly alive, putting the bodies in their most vulnerable state and therefore we can question their substance, position and distance. In a poetic manner, I want to pose the question of how we become stardust; how our bodies become a dance that is everlastingly becoming.


This landscape of a transcendent city will be induced by the obsessive and repetitive melodic themes of Siriusmo. 

Siriusmo music here

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