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Larger than Life - Fan fiction

 LARGER THAN LIFE is a dialogue with and an examination of the phenomena of fandom-ness. Choreographers and performers Andreas Hannes & Charlie Laban Trier are immersing themselves in the experience of fanning, attempting to become fans of fans and making visible a space of uncensored emotional expression. 

The two performers are moving through a landscape of pop 

culture references. In this frame, they are building relations 

between them and their bigger imagined communities. 

Dedication, adoration and celebration become modes to approach

fan practices, but are also deliberately exercised in order to 

displace the worship of a figure and re-write which stories belong to who. Andreas & Charlie are bringing fan-tasy on stage: by 

collecting materials such as choreographies from video-clips, 

costumes resembling iconic looks and creating fan-fiction.

LARGER THAN LIFE deals with the problems of gatherings - initiated by a common, consumerist desire - but recognizes the importance of belonging; and instead of judging any fan action, it looks for methods of bringing the power back to the 

communities gathering. The audience is invited to a space of 

unapologetic allowance and reflection on hopes and desires.

LARGER THAN LIFE had its first presentation in Frascati, Amsterdam on the 16-17 June 2018. Work in progress.

Fan Fiction - Larger than Life
Fan Fiction - Larger than Life

Choreography & Performance

Andreas Hannes & Charlie Laban Trier


Susan Gibb & Noha Ramadan

Music mix

Isadora Tomasi


Martin Kaffarnik

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