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CLOUD COLLISION: A meta-skip in 8 rehearsals

Cloud Collision is a meta-skip, created in 8 short rehearsals, with the support of six Amsterdam based colleagues and performers. It is an attempt to further elaborate and disseminate the experience and affect of the action of skipping, focusing on the space and body in transit. 
In Cloud Collision, infinite skipping is happening somewhere else than the room, in other places, futures and histories… When one direction opens multiple, where one time has plenty, our stories become a road trip, in distance, in tempo, in our eyes…

Cloud Collision was presented during Come Together #4 in Frascati 1, Amsterdam, 25th January 2019


Andreas Hannes 

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Antonia Steffens, Tea Teearu, Karina Villafan, Tim Faraus, Marina Orlova & Andreas Hannes


Paulina Prokop

Music mix

Isadora Tomasi


Bas de Brouwer & Reinout Bos

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