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Birth of Image

Everyone has a story to tell...

Birth of Image is a long term project on Media Literacy & Making. International activities as training courses, youth exchanges, study visits and online competitions and courses are scheduled under this project. 
The final outcome of the project was the photobook Stay Curious and the educational publication Birth of Image: A concise guide to Media Literacy.
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Watch all the Birth of Image video productions here: 

Birth of Image was financed by the European Commission, the Youth in Action program and the partner organizations. Organized by Olde Vechte Foundation (The Netherlands) in collaboration with Egyesek Youth Association (HU), Global Soma (GR), Radvila (LT), YMCA Parthenope (IT). Project Managers: Miki Ambrozy, Kriszta Zsiday. Trainers & Educators: Kriszta Zsiday, Miki, Ambrozy, Sofia Moudiou, Andreas Hannes.


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